Selection of programmes for recording

Preparing your presentation

  • All presentation slides must be submitted to our upload center in 16:9 format. You will receive all important information as well as access to the upload center in advance from us by e-mail. Please contact us if you have not received this e-mail, or check your spam folder if necessary.
  • If available, indicate your potential conflict of interest on the first or last slide of your presentation
  • Try to integrate your webcam when recording so that your image is above your presentation when discussing the recording. Alternatively, include a picture of yourself in the presentation so that you are visible on all slides if possible.

f you record a video for your presentation, please use one of the following ICHO 2021 background:

Selection of programmes for recording

We recommend Microsoft PowerPoint from 2019 or Office 365 for recording the presentation with webcam. This works on Mac and Windows. Please find an instruction video below:
> the instruction video

In older version of Microsoft PowerPoint, only the sound can be recorded; please find the instructions for this here:
> Click here

The following services are also available for pre-recording:

OBS: the presentations will be stored locally on the computer. This is an open source recording tool and is also used for livestreaming, so it might be a bit more complicated to use. If you need to record future presentations, it is worth installing it.
> explanatory video
> Download OBS

Loom: stores the recording on servers in the cloud. Here, presentations up to 5 minutes can be recorded free of charge. A one-time 14-day trial offers unlimited video creation (without automatic subscription). Compatible with Windows and Mac.
> explanatory video
> Download Loom

Mac useres can use QuickTime player. However, it is not possible to integrate a webcam.
> instructions